PTFE Molding

4B Plastics Compression PTFE Molding Process

4B Plastics were the first “Compression Molders” of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with full custom manufacturing and maching facilities in the Southeastern United States.

If you want quality finished parts, first you have to start with quality stock materials.  By molding our own PTFE stock in house 4B Plastics is able to maintain strict quality control from molded billet stock to the finished part.

Compression molding is a 3 step process.  First, a specified amount of PTFE resin is loaded into a steel cylindrical mold.  Next the resin is compressed under hydraulic and air pressure for a specified time according to the recipe.  The preformed billet is then stripped from the mold and placed into a forced air oven for the final step called sintering.  After the sintering process is complete the PTFE billet is ready to be machined.

4B Plastics PTFE molding process can produce stock materials from 1.25 to 32 inches outside diameter with various size inside diameters. Most of these sizes are molded 12 inches in length.

Virgin and Custom-Filled PTFE Molding

Here are some of the stock materials we can provide:

Unfilled Virgin PTFE

25% Carbon Filled PTFE

15% and 25% Glass Filled PTFE


Stainless Steel Filled PTFE

15% Graphite Filled PTFE

Do you need these types of materials machined or fabricated to your specifications?
4B Plastics is one of the only companies in the gulf south that molds, machines and fabricates stock and custom replacement parts.

If you want a quote on purchasing stock materials that you can machine and fabricate yourself call a PTFE parts specialist at 225-272-7454.

4B Plastics PTFE molding process produces rod and tube stock materials that are used in the repair of most valves, compressors and pumps.